Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology


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This course is suitable for Beauty and Holistic Therapists who require an Anatomy qualification in order to undertake a professional therapy qualification. (If you are enrolled on one of our Diploma courses then Anatomy and Physiology will be included).

This course is split into 13 modules which will be taught over 11 lessons. The 12th date will be the exam.

You will need to complete 13 assignments and gain a 75% pass rate on the exam in order to gain your qualification. (Exams can be re-sat if required).

Course Dates and Modules Covered:

Monday evenings 7-9pm

  • 30th January 2017 Anatomical and Directional Terms, Cells and Tissues
  • 28th February (Tuesday 7-9pm) Integumentary System
  • 27th March Skeletal System
  • 24th April Muscular System
  • 22nd May Cardiovascular System
  • 26th June Lymphatic System
  • 24th July Nervous System
  • 28th August Digestive System
  • 25th September Endocrine System
  • 23rd October Urinary System, Respiratory and Olfactory Systems
  • 27th November Reproductive System
  • 18th December Exam.

Payment Options:

  • All sessions cost £15 per month to attend. If you have an existing qualification and wish to recap then you can attend the 11 lessons and gain an attendance certificate.
  • The exam fee is £50 on top of the 11 monthly fees of £15 (Total £215)  if you wish to gain the qualification.

*Can I have a pay option for the full £215 (for the Qualification)

Can I also have a monthly payment option for the £15 and Decembers £50 please as well.*