Certificate in Introducing the Use of Crystals into Existing Therapy Practice


Total cost of course is £295, reserve your place with a £50 booking fee.


Two days training where you will learn how to use Crystal Healing to support and enhance your existing therapy practice. This is a perfect course for therapists who want to learn the basics of crystal therapy to use alongside other therapies such as Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage, etc.

Course Content:

  1. Uses for crystals through history
  2. What is crystal healing?
  3. What does holistic mean?
  4. Energy, what on earth is it?
  5. Keeping energetically clean.
  6. Grounding and protection.
  7. Choosing crystals.
  8. Cleansing crystals.
  9. Space cleansing with crystals.
  10. Crystal charging.
  11. Dowsing.
  12. Chakra introduction.
  13. Creating your own crystal altar.
  14. Get to know your tool kit.
  15. Setting the intention.
  16. Creating the scene with crystals.
  17. Crystal attunement and practical.
  18. Performing a chakra balance.
  19. Crystal breathing and technique.
  20. Crystalline bliss meditations.
  21. Amplifying healing energies with an amethyst cluster.
  22. Adding crystals to your massage techniques.
  23. Headache release.
  24. Time out grid.
  25. Hormone balancing grid.
  26. Working on the spine.
  27. Spinal crystal cleanse.
  28. The use of crystal essences.


11th February 9:30 until 5pm and 11th March 9:30 until 5pm



Booking Fee: