Amber Anklet


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Amber Anklet: 8 (13cm)

Baltic Amber is millions of years old, it is a resin which is secreted from Pine Trees of Northern Europe. For many centuries people have believed that Baltic Amber can provide pain relief from ailments such as arthritis, joint pain and teething pain in infants. It is also believed to contain an acid called Succinic Acid, which is said to be an anti-oxident. Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine described the medicinal properties of Baltic Amber and used the resin to help relief a number of various ailments so much so it has been used in various medicines throughout time.

It is believed that through contact with the skin the healing properties of the Succinic acid can enter the blood stream and therefore administer its natural analgesic benefits on the wearer.

However, there isn’t any scientific proof available to say that Baltic Amber can definitely help relieve certain ailments and just like any thing else there are no guarantees. Amber teething necklaces, bracelets and anklets which are purchased through Angel Wood Therapies are certified genuine Baltic Amber from Lithuania, they are not made from synthetic amber.

Amber jewellery is not meant to be used as toys or for chewing. Due to small parts the products are not recommended for children under 36 months, if you do choose to use the items for younger children then you should use with caution and follow this simple advise to ensure that a high level of safety is maintained at all times during use:

  • Never leave the jewellery on whilst the child sleeps.
  • Make sure that necklaces are not long enough to be placed in the wearers mouth.
  • Try to disguise the jewellery under clothes such as tops, socks or tights.
  • Although the jewellery is made with certain safety features such as a knot between each piece of amber and the clasp being the weakest part of the jewellery (to help prevent strangulation) it is always advisable that you check your jewellery is not damaged and is in safe working order.
  • Only allow the jewellery to be worn under adult supervision.

Please bear in mind that this advise is not exhaustive and common sense should be considered when using these products. Angel Wood Therapies accepts no liability on the use of these products.

Care of Baltic Amber Jewellery:

It is recommended that you cleanse and recharge the jewellery every so often to maintain optimum results, this can be done in a variety of ways:

  • wash the amber under cold running water and allow to ‘air dry’ on a window sill.
  • leave the amber in direct sunlight and moonlight for 24 hours.
  • If you practice Reiki then you can charge and cleanse your amber with Reiki.

If you are used to cleansing Gemstones/Crystals and use another method of cleansing then of course you may do so.

It is best to cleanse/recharge your jewellery daily especially if the wearer is currently suffering quite a lot with a particular ailment, otherwise it is best to cleanse/recharge your Amber every week at a minimum. If you feel that the amber is becoming less effective then try cleansing it.