Sports Massage


Sports massage is a wonderful therapy that can benefit many, however before going into the benefits of Sports Massage I think it is important to dispel some of the myths surrounding the therapy.

Firstly Sports Massage is not only for Athletes or Sporting enthusiasts, the therapy itself is would be more accurately described as a Soft Tissue specialism. Anyone can benefit from a sports massage if they are suffering from muscular/ligament/tendon injury and more.

The thing to know about Sports Massage is that there are different levels involved, and depending on what levels the therapist is qualified in, depends on how far they can go with their level of treatment and their expertise.

Level 3 qualified

Can deal with injury prevention and focus on insuring muscles are maintaining in optimum condition, this can be specific muscles which are used regularly for various activities/work

Level 4 qualified

Can deal with soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, RSI, etc. As well as maintenance and prevention of injury. We can locate where the injury would be, provide the correct treatment and advise specific aftercare advice to help, including stretches. If the injury is beyond our scope of practice ( such as a skeletal/nervous problem) then referrals to recommended professionals can be made.

Level 5 qualified

Can deal with Rehabilitation (as well as everything covered in levels 3 & 4). So if a client is suffering from a major injury that requires intensive rehabilitation then this is the level of therapist you require.

I am currently qualified in Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy so I am trained to deal with any muscular problems including injuries.

Another thing that you should know is that NO treatment should ever put you past your pain threshold. Especially massage, as this would be counter productive. In fact when dealing with sprains or strains the treatment is in actual fact very gentle as to not cause more damage. When muscles are very tight they can be sensitive and uncomfortable but during a Sports Massage therapy communication between client and therapist is essential to help find the right balance to ensure that the treatment is effective and beneficial.

  • 30 minute £27
  • 60 minute £40

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