Red Tent Gathering

The Red Tent Movement

During ancient times women would gather, during the time of the New Moon, when their energies were at their lowest, and their psychic abilities at their most keen, to sit in peace, away from the men of the tribe; to come together, to nourish, support and listen to each other. In this modern world where technology, materialism and masculine energies have often trampled over nature’s cyclical energies and healing abilities, we gather to heal, support and nourish ourselves, in order to rest, restore and repair, for both ourselves, our families and our communities.

As a Red Tent facilitator I guide women in a safe environment to share, grow, laugh and learn. ‘What goes on in circle, stays in circle’. This is a safe place of mutual trust and non – judgement where you can reconnect with your feminine energies, understand more of how the moon’s cycle effects your energies and behaviour as a woman, and find spiritual growth and support in your ‘Soul Sistars’.

Red Tent is a women only gathering. We come together once a month, on a Saturday evening, on or near the New Moon for a 2 1/2 hour gathering. During this time we pull oracle cards to contemplate the lessons of the last lunar cycle, and also look at the lunar month to come, and how, astrologically speaking, we can get the most out of this time. We have guided meditation and relaxation sessions, to help us unwind, relax and let go of the month’s challenges, as well as monthly healing and peace meditations for the world we live in. Often there are monthly conversation topics or energy based activity sessions to look at our roles as women, our Goddess Archetypes, and our strengths and capabilities as empowered women, during the many stages of our lives. All this is followed by a small shared buffet, which we all contribute to, as a way to commune and ground ourselves following the energy work we participate in.

2017 Dates:

  • Saturday 28th Jan,
  • Saturday 25th Feb,
  • Saturday 25th Mar,
  • Saturday 29th April,
  • Saturday 27th May,
  • Saturday 24th June,
  • Saturday 22nd July,
  • Saturday 19th Aug,
  • Saturday 16th Sep,
  • Saturday 21st Oct,
  • Saturday 18th Nov,
  • Saturday 16th Dec

Session Times: 7 – 9:30pm

Spaces are limited in this circle, so please ensure you secure your place each month by contacting me in advance, by clicking on the above button, or emailing Tickets are £20 per Wild Woman.

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