Mom and Baby Yoga

Mom and Baby Yoga

Mom and Baby yoga sessions are specially adapted to offer gentle yet effective yoga techniques for new moms, to help improve muscle tone, flexibility and regain balance and their centre of gravity.

The movements for babies are specially designed to support their natural growth and development, flexibility, relaxation and one to one bonding.

Yoga for moms is suitable from 6 weeks post partum unless the delivery was via Caesarean section in which it is recommended that you wait a little longer, or get support from your GP when you have your 6 week check up.

If baby or yourself have an health issues or concerns then it is best to discuss upon booking to ensure that these sessions are in your best interests at this time.


Where are Classes Held?

166 1st Floor
Union Chambers
Lower High Street


  • One to one sessions £20 per session
  • One to one course of 6 session £115

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