Meditation Sessions


Meditation and relaxation has been proven to help reduce many ailments along with being active in preventing stress and the issues that are cause by stress.

During meditation and relaxation workshops we will work on developing focus, clearing the mind, breathing techniques and more. Whether you are new at meditation or relaxation or more advanced at the practice you will find benefit from these sessions as they can be adapted to suit requirements and level of skill.

Sessions can be arranged as either one-to-one sessions  or private group sessions with a minimum of 5 attendees. These sessions can also be arranged as one off or courses of 10 sessions .

Monthly group meditation sessions are also starting 31st January an are available for anyone to join, click here for more information.


One-to-one: £25 per session (1 hour)

One-to-one: £230 (for 10, 1 hour sessions)

Private Group between 5-10 attendees: £5 each (1 hour session)

Private Group between 5-10 attendees: £45 each (for 10, 1 hour sessions)

Monthly Meditation Group: £10 per session or 12 sessions for £100) sessions run 6-8pm

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