Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy is the use of tinctures made of the energetic imprint of flowers which is similar to Homeopathy. A variety of essences can be chosen for your emotional requirements. Once the blend has been picked they will then be made into a cream or balm for you to take home and continue to use on a regular basis.

The essences that we use are the Findhorn brand which are produced in the Scottish Findhorn community.

This can be a wonderful therapy on its own as it can be carried out predominately as a consultation based therapy in order to determine the correct essences for your blend. It can also be used as an add on for when you are coming for another therapy, as it can be a great part of your aftercare anodised to enhance the longevity of your therapy benefits.

Initial Consultation £44 for 2hours and 1st blend

Further Consultations £25 for 1 hour and a blend

Add a Flower Essence Remedy to a Treatment: £10

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