Antenatal Workshop

Antenatal Workshop

A 10 week course suitable for expectant moms and their birth partners that helps them to prepare for late pregnancy, labour and the first few weeks once the baby arrives.

These sessions are both informative and practical that aim to help provide support and confidence on your journey.

The sessions include:

Week 1: Progressing from the 2nd to the 3rd Trimester and what to expect – also relaxation techniques

Week 2: Clearing, cleansing and communication – Helping to clear any worries, fears, concerns or blockages to help enhance pregnancy and birth

Week 3: Early signs of Labour & Stages of Labour – telling the difference between preparation and labour. What are the stages of labour and expelling myths

Week 4: Interventions – What are your options during labour and the pros and cons for each

Week 5: Optimal Birthing Positions – Active birth and birthing positions

Week 6: Aromatherapy for pregnancy and labour – essential oil blending

Week 7: Rebozo Techniques – for pregnancy and labour

Week 8: Relaxation – Working with Oxytocin, also therapies that are beneficial during pregnancy and labour.

Week 9: Birth Plan – Writing a birth plan

Week 10: The 4th Trimester – now that baby is here what do you do?


These classes are £10 per week

£90 for all 10 sessions if all paid upfront.


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